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With Capital one Markets you can take part in the $5 Trillion of daily market volume of Forex.

Foreign Exchange is a decentralized global market at which all the world’s currencies are traded with each other. Becuase of the high volume of trading, it is the largest liquid market in the world.

People trade Forex because it offers countless opportunities to make profit, such as: the ability to go long or short on trades, the transaction costs are quite low, you can use leverage to enhance your profits, high liquidity and accessibility.

There are many tools and features that traders use to sharpen their decision making skills. Fundamental analysis is used to help predict in a more accurate way about how the market will move in the future, by analyzing different factors that affect the economy, such as: Interest Rates, GDP, Consumer Price Index, etc.

Technical Analysis also helps in analyzing and predicting changes of the prices by looking at historical price movements and determining the current trading conditions and price movements. “

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